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Medication Errors

July 7, 2020

Every year, in the United States, thousands of people die as the result of medication errors and many thousands more suffer severe adverse reactions related to a medication error. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they receive more than 100,000 reports of suspected medication errors each year. Many of these medications errors result in hospitalization, disability, birth defects, and death.

There are many different forms of medication error. You may have been prescribed an incorrect medication by your physician or given the wrong medication by your pharmacy. You may have received an incorrect dosage, either too much or too little, because of the physician's illegible handwriting, or because an electronic prescription was filled out incorrectly, or because the pharmacist misread/misinterpreted the prescription. You may have been prescribed the correct medication and the correct dosage, but for an inappropriate period of time, too short or too long. You may have not been properly monitored while taking a prescribed medication, resulting in an over-dose or under-dose. You may have been prescribed two prescriptions with different brand names for the same generic medication. Or you may have received a medication that was intended for a completely different patient.

Any of the above may result in serious injuries to you, the patient. The Gordon Law Firm of New York has successfully litigated each of these scenarios. Call us at (718) 815-1515 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.